Learn how to capture Awesome Virtual Reality Footage

360_heroesVirtual Reality VR is coming on strong. Over the next year we expect to see a bunch of announcements, new prodcuts and technologies become available to make creating VR content easier. Today these Virtual Reality workflows are in their infancy. Here are some suggestions for capturing VR footage.
PremiumBeat by Noam Kroll 3 Top Options for Capturing Awesome VR Footage With the Oculus Rift scheduled for release in early 2016, many filmmakers are looking for a means to generate VR content that’ll work on the platform. Here are just a few options you have for capturing 360 degree footage. It seems like almost every month there’s yet another 360 degree camera being announced or released, and with good reason. In the near future, when virtual reality starts to gain popularity in households across the globe, the demand for VR content will be staggering. At the moment there are several promising options out in the wild or on the cusp of being released. Here are three of the more well-known systems at the moment: read more...

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