Learn how to host virtual events with the new book "The Virtual Ticket"

A new book has just been released all about how to host virtual events. It's called "The Virtual Ticket" and it's now available on Amazon and Kindle (here). The author Paul Richards, wrote this book to help event planners learn how to market and promote virtual ticket experiences that engage and transform online audiences. Paul Richards is the chief streaming officer at the StreamGeeks. Our team recently picked up a copy of this book to learn how to host private live streams that can be held as a webinar or a paid event online.

The Virtual Ticket Book Video

The Virtual Ticket studies four events that have all successfully charged for paid virtual attendance online. The first is the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show which was unfortunately cancelled this year, but nonetheless hosts some pretty amazing live streams ever year. In the book, readers are able to learn how large conferences like NAB monetize their live broadcasts with sponsorships. Other case studies include VidSummit, the StreamGeeks Summit, and the 2020 Worship Summit.

The Virtual Ticket Book Paperback

Learning how to host virtual events

The Virtual Ticket gets right into the heart of why attendees enjoy paying for events. It's all about the experience. The book draws on research from the Experience Economy which helps event planners understand modern consumer trends that involved purchasing products, services, and tickets to experiences. Live streams have the power to deliver experiences to audiences around the world in real-time. The Experience Economy tells us that time is the true currency of experiences. Because live streaming is able to transport audiences into events in real-time, experiences can transcend space. By studying the core values of experiences which include attention, focus, engagements, and reactions event planners can learn how to design online experiences for live broadcasts.

Where to get the book?

The book is now available on Amazon here or a free PDF copy can be downloaded at ptzoptics.com/virtual-tickets. An audiobook version is forthcoming, we here. So download a copy and let us know what you would like to learn about most in the comments below.

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