Learn More about Epiphan AV.io SDI & Pearl Encoders

The Epiphan AV.io SDI and Pearl are featured in this video from Streaming Media East. Epiphan's Dave Kirk goes into the features, performance and value of these devices for capture, encoding and live streaming. In the interview Tim Sigglin from Streaming Media lets on that they are using a pair of AV.io capture devices along with Wirescast to stream and produce the video they are making. Videoguys sponsored a tutorial with Streaming Medai featuring AV.io to create an under $1,000 live streaming and production solution with your laptop. You can check out that tutorial here.
Streaming Media by Tim Siglin, Stephen Nathans-Kelly Tim Siglin: Welcome back to Almost Live, Streaming Media West 2015, I'm here today with Dave Kirk who's the VP of Product Marketing for Epiphan, a company that makes encoders both large and small. Dave, tell me about the company and tell me about the products. Dave Kirk: The company started about 12 years ago. We started with very simple capture modules and we built up the company from there. We started with a VGA-to-USB tube product that really was just bringing in VGA into USB to capture it on a laptop, stream and record it. It wasn't really streaming back then, it was more sharing across a network, not formal streaming, but there was the capability to remotely see these devices. That's where the company started and then from there we developed more sophisticated products that were doing recording and streaming and live production and that sort of thing. Tim Siglin: Fast forward to now, you've got a really small unit in your hand. Dave Kirk: This little unit is one of our latest ones we just announced this a couple weeks ago, it's called the AV.io SDI and the whole idea here is you've got an SDI port on one side, USB on the other. It is USB 3, so you connect your SDI device here, it could be a mixer, it could be a camera, whatever, you're bringing that in and then over USB into your laptop you get uncompressed, beautiful data that you can use with any third party software. If you're using something like Wirecast or Adobe FMLE to do your streaming right from your laptop, then these little modules just help you to bring in those high quality sources. Tim Siglin: Is it 3G SDI or 6G? Dave Kirk: This one's 3G so it'll do 1080p60. read more...

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