Learn more about the Epiphan Pearl and AV.io HD for streaming & encoding

In this StudioTech video they Interview David Kirk, VP of Product Marketing from Epiphan Systems, talks about the Epiphan Pearl and AV.io HD.
  • Pearl - Live video production, switching, streaming and recording device.
  • AV.io HD - a video capture device that doesn’t require drivers to be installed on your computer. Ideal for Skype and Blab!

It's been a very busy summer for Epiphan! Social_Infocomm2015_PearlNot only have we recently announced our new trade name, Epiphan Video, and released a new UVC-based video grabber (AV.io HD), we’re also releasing a major update, firmware 3.15.1 for Pearl. With this firmware, Pearl is now a live video switcher. The best part about this new release: it’s free for existing Pearl customers! I think it’s pretty fantastic that they were able to design this feature to work with existing systems and let everyone upgrade for free. It’s been amazing watching this new feature come together. From early discussions about how this would work, to UI prototypes right to the final working product, it’s been lots of fun to see Pearl evolve. Take a look at Pearl’s touch screen shown here in the switching view. On the right is the currently streaming source or layout, on the left is the one the user wants to apply, and in the scroll bar across the bottom are all the custom layouts, pre-created by the user. Simple, flexible video capture: Meet AV.io HD Social_Infocomm2015_GrabbersAV.io HD is a UVC-based device – which means it uses drivers already built into your computer, exactly like how a webcam works. The driverless nature of AV.io HD sets it apart from other similar grabbers, such as our DVI2USB 3.0 device, in that it offers fully automated video capture. That’s right – it takes care of all the capture configuration so you don’t have to worry. Perfect for video capture users who want a flexible, portable and easy to use grabber solution and who don’t mind giving up detailed configuration options. All of this for $350. Not bad!

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