Learn why the Potential of Augmented Reality Is Greater Than You Think

Augmented Reality and virtual reality video are on the rise and savvy content creators shouldn't overlook their potential for delivering powerful immersive experiences to audiences. This article explores reasons to pay attention to these new forms of video. Get the 360-degree gear you need here on Videoguys.com.
augmented reality Never before have businesses been able to build billion-dollar valuations in so little time. Never before have incumbent enterprises been able to go out of business so quickly. Disruption is now commonplace, and augmented reality (AR) is emerging as yet another avenue to turn industries on their heads. But what direction will this new technology take? AR overlays digital information on the physical world using a smartphone (think Pokémon Go) or a headset. In its simplest form, AR is simply a rectangular display floating in front of the eyes, à la Google Glass. More advanced forms will drop video game characters or useful information seamlessly onto physical objects, from homes to industrial warehouses. While virtual reality is moving into a more commercial phase, AR is a little earlier in its development. But AR’s potential practical applications are significant. So, what’s in store for AR in the coming years? Most business leaders today are making their projections based on what we know today—a perspective that runs the potential risk of being too linear and possibly missing the point. By digging deeply into trends, cycles and clues from technology disruptions in the past, we can create frameworks to help us better strategize for how capabilities may unfold in the future....[continue reading on singularityhub.com]

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