Lexar Media and G-Tech Storage Used to Preserve Memories

Rick Sammon uses Lexar Media and G-Tech storage to preserve his memories while out in the wild capturing incredible wildlife and more. Backing up your work is no joking matter to Rick!
A word about my memory cards: I always record my pictures in-camera to two Lexar cards, the SD card and the Compact Flash card. That way, if a card gets corrupted, I still have all my files. Did I ever have a corrupted card? Yes, once. It was corrupted as I was removing the card from the camera while the camera was powering up after I accidentally touched the shutter release button, which turns on the camera. That will never happen again, as I always turn off my camera before removing my cards. Still, recording to two cards covers you. g-tech The next step is backing up (manually dragging) my files onto my G-Technology 1TB G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt drive – which is powered by my computer . . . so no additional power source is required. Sure, this process takes some time, but having my images in two places, on my laptop and on my accessory drive, helps me sleep better. Back home, I back up the images on my portable drive to my desktop drive, a G-Technology 2TB G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt. Next I back up my files to g-techanother identical drive. I keep one drive in my office and one in my house. I also keep my files on the portable drive I used on site, and store them by year in my office. So all my files are in three places. Hey! I told you I was a nut about backing up my files.
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