Lightworks Version 12 is Now Available

PVC by Jose Antunes

Lightworks version 12 offers new features, making it faster, more powerful and easier to use. A FREE version is also available!

Lightworks 12 is finally available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - making Lightworks the first professional tri-platform NLE in history. Also, as a result of Lightworks' intelligent software architecture, new features and fixes for all three versions will be available virtually at the same time, barring operating system-specific issues.

The launch for the three operating systems is not the only news on this version of the program, which continues to have a FREE version, although limited to 720p and in number of functions available (read my previous article, Lightworks: a Professional Editor for Free. In addition to multi-OS compatibility, version 12 introduces a handful of features:

  • Powerful content management structure
  • More responsive user interface
  • Smarter play engine for improved playback performance
  • Simplified export options
  • New Blur effect
  • Powerful new Colour Correction effect
  • Powerful new Selective Colour Correction effect
  • Import of FCP7 XMLs complete with transitions and audio levels
  • 4K support for ProRes formats (Blackmagic cameras)

The play engine within Lightworks has had an overhaul and can now be called a "Smart Play Engine". In addition to improving playback performance of all media types, Lightworks now automatically identifies material as interlaced or progressive and adjusts the Project settings accordingly, removing the need for manual selection (the Display Optimization button has been removed from the Video Tab of the Project Card). This should make it much easier for new and existing users to play and work with material, without ever having to worry about whether they have the right setting applied. read more...

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