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The Video Editor’s Group is a Linkedin Group titled “Video Editors” created by Lowell Brillante to develop a community where Editors can connect, engage in discussion, ask questions and learn from one another. We currently have over 11,000 members and counting.

Lowell here. Just wanted to let everyone know that the deadline has come and passed for submitting entries to the editor's contest. If you are still trying to finish and can get it to me today I may still accept it but beyond that I won't be able to, we're into the judging stage.

We had 67 submissions!!

You can watch them all here

Share your favorite ones on linkedin and facebook, and if you like something about an edit, why not post a comment on the video letting them know what you liked about it. We had a ton of great cuts submitted, every single one impressed me in one way or another.

We're judging this week and will be announcing winners 7 days from today.

Here's what's up for grabs.....

Grand Prize
-The band will use their cut for their official video and the editor will receive full credit.
-Full MB Suite from Red Giant ($800)
-Full Copy of Red Giant Pluraleyes
-FxFactory Pro from Noise Industries
-$200 Gift Card to

Other prizes we'll be giving out for great edits.

-3 copies of Red Giant Pluraleyes
-2 Copies of Red Giant's Magic Bullet Looks
-2 Copies of Red Giant's Magic Bullet Mojo
-3 Copies of FxFactory Pro by Noise Industries
-$100 gift card to
-5 Training On-Demand Black Cards to

It's going to be really difficult to try to judge these edits because there are so many awesome ones but we'll do the best we possibly can.

Hey if you haven't already checkout the short film "Order Up" by Seth Worley and the Red Giant crew. It's a really nice short and it's funny. I liked the track at the end so much I bought the album.

FxFactory Pro by Noise Industries is a kickass visual effects toolbox for fcp x,7, motion, and ae cs5,5.5,6. It's got a ton of stuff in it and retails for $399. sells every video editing tech-toy you could imagine. I'm very jealous of the people who win gift cards.... kickback anyone? But seriously I was comparing a product they resell to how much is cost on the manufacturer site 1 minutes ago and I'm not kidding it is $80 cheaper on not sure how they make any money but it's awesome for me.

That's all guys, be back in a week to announce the winners.


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