Liquid Edition Pro Version 6

DV Mag by Eli Brown LE6Deep interface with a lot of customization possible. Good effects capabilities. Allows editing of MPEG-2, HDV, and DV in same timeline. Works natively with HDV material. Print to DVD output. Whenever I get a chance to test drive a new editing system, I'm mostly interested in whether it will do the things I need it to do: Can it digitize into different codecs? Does it work with HD material? Can it do real-time effects? How does it work with DVDs? The latest release from Pinnacle Systems, Liquid Edition Pro version 6, attempts to address some of my concerns. It fares well on some and not so well on others. Liquid Edition Pro adds a cute F.A. Porsche-designed breakout box (BOB; see image above), which allows for a variety of connections, including component, composite, S-Video, FireWire, and audio with separated surround-channel outputs. It runs the signal into the computer on a USB 2.0 cable, which doesn't support uncompressed HD throughput. To atone for this, though, Pinnacle Systems allows you to work natively with HDV captured material if your processor is properly equipped (Pinnacle Systems recommends 2.8 GHz or higher). No doubt that will be a big selling point-and if you're jumping to the HDV format, this may be the editing platform for you. read more...

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