Liquid Immersion is coming!!!

immersion November 1 marks the beginning of Liquid Immersion 2006, the second annual 3 1/2 day, international symposium, dedicated to video editors who cut with Avid Liquid NLE software. Liquid Immersion combines intensive product training with demonstrations and discussions on various video production techniques. The level of professional instructors for Liquid Immersion has been culled from the "cream of the crop" of Liquid trainers. Liquid Immersion was started by a small, but dedicated group of users, whose common desire was to provide a venue to meet, network and explore new ways of using Avid Liquid to it's fullest potential. "We learned a lot from the first Immersion," states Andy Browne, Liquid Immersion Organizer. "This year's event promises to be even better than last. Following up on comments made from last year's attendees, we tripled our educational content and increased the number of classrooms from one to four. In addition, moving the event east to Charlotte North Carolina now allows us to offer this opportunity to an entirely new group of users." The first Liquid Immersion was held in Laguna Hills California and brought together 30, very enthusiastic Liquid editors, whose skill sets ranged from extreme hobbyists to veteran television editors. Eric Ludwig, Mesa AZ - "They say that if you want to be a millionaire, then you have to associate yourselves with other millionaires and do what they do. I think the same can be applied to video production. I wanted to become a better videographer/editor so I decided to attend Liquid Immersion 2005. The result was (literally) three full days of immersion with people who share my same interests. It was truly an eye opening experience that I will never forget. Knowing that several experienced editors would be present, I went, hoping, to gain a little knowledge in as many video related topics as possible. I wasn't disappointed." Nick Nebel, Oshkosh WI - "Having the representatives from Avid at Liquid Immersion 05, was a real plus....they listened to our concerns and ideas; which made us feel like we were part of the development team. The group dynamic was outstanding, I learned a lot and hated to see the sessions end. I especially enjoyed working with the group to develop and present our own production, it was the first time I had ever worked with green screen and the results were worth the effort." Christine Lazzarini, Reno NV - "It's like being at a real time web forum, sharing information and learning things from people who have the same interests and enthusiasm that you do. The first Liquid Immersion was awesome, was great. I can't wait to go to this next one in November 2006." Browne goes on to say, "Liquid Immersion is not a for profit venture. Our instructors are users too. They donate their time and their expertise for the betterment of the Liquid community. That's how we are able to keep our costs so low. Where else can you go and get 3 1/2 days of total training for $150? Everybody comes out a winner. For more information and to register for the event, visit the Liquid Immersion website at

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