Live From Sundance 2014 – Adapting To The Web & YouTube On Main Street

HDVideoPro by Neil Matsumoto

Although video sharing sites like YouTube and Vimeo have chopped the heads off of a number of film festivals in recent years, it’s interesting to see how YouTube and Sundance have collaborated in recent years. Sundance is not stupid. In order to survive, they knew they would need to adapt to streaming content on the web, which can show movies to a global audience of millions (or billions) 24/7 rather than just one screening in Utah.

The Sundance Institute has announced that 11 independent films are now available through a variety of platforms. One film making its streaming premiere via the Sundance Institute’s Artist Services is Reporter, which tells the story of New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof on his journey through the war ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo. The 11 films will be available on a variety of platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Entertainment Network, SundanceNow, and YouTube.

YouTube has upped their presence at Sundance even greater with YouTube On Main Street, offering film fan access to the 2014 festival without having to traveling away from their desktop or mobile device. The handsome space on Main Street is basically a place for the creative community to gather for must-see panels, happy hours, film receptions, screenings, talks and DJ sets. Free Wi-Fi and drinks are also available to badge holders when programs are not in session. A popular activity in the space has been free yoga sessions (everyday) with Cassey Ho, star of blogilates channel on YouTube. read more...

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