Live Production in Sports the Power of IP


NORTHFIELD, ILL.— On July 30-August 4 at the Sunset Ridge Country Club, in Northfield, Ill., near Chicago, The Golf’s Western Amateur Championship has been an event every year since 1899. Although the event is very important, broadcasters have passed it by, mainly because they couldn’t justify the cost of live production in HD telecasts for a niche audience.

President of Thaler Media, Lowell Thaler in North Palm Beach, Fla., however, it provided a great opportunity to cover the event live in HD—ever in the history of the event.

We were able to produce this event very affordably—at perhaps a tenth the cost—compared to the overhead typically associated with a live broadcast-quality HDTV show by leaning heavily on NewTek gear, NDI networking, and LiveU’s transmission system

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