Live Production Needs for your House of Worship: Making the Most of Your Message In a Hybrid World

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Importance of Live Production in Houses of Worship

  • Video solutions to help you deliver an inspiring message, for less
  • From creating personal connections with congregants to reaching into the neighborhood and beyond, video is increasingly important to fulfilling your spiritual mission
  • Vizrt’s multi-camera live video production solutions put your message in the spotlight and allow you to reach more worshipers —without letting technology get in the way

Widen your borders

  • Live stream services to remote members or bring in video calls from guests around the world
  • Enabling participation from individuals unable to attend in person
  • Reaching new people who wouldn’t normally find your services
  • People can watch archives later if they can't make the normal time

Increase service participation

  • Mix cameras and video with interactive content like lyrics and inspiring passages
  • Encourages community engagement through interactive elements
  • Live chat features, and social media sharing, encouraging active participation among members

Reach the next generation

  • One-button social media sharing engages your tech-savvy followers and allows volunteer producers to take more ownership of outreach
  • Enhance communication clarity during worship services
  • Ensures that messages and presentations are effectively conveyed

Grow fundraising avenues

  • Capturing whole seasons of services provides rich archives
  • Opening new opportunities to create themed programs or highlights for compilations and donor gifts


  • Cameras
  • Switcher
  • Encoder
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Other Software


  • Important to have high-quality video to maintain viewership
  • Options like PTZ Cameras, Box Cameras, ePTZ Cameras, Camcorders
  • Seamless connection with live production systems
  • Strategic placement of cameras for coverage of service


  • Switchers allow for seamless transitions between camera feeds or other media sources
  • Switchers can handle multiple input sources of multiple types like cameras, presentation slides, and other multimedia sources
  • Options of hardware or software switchers


  • An encoder sends the live stream signal to a destination
  • Choose an encoder that can seamlessly integrate with your streaming destination of choice (YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Option of hardware and software encoders
  • Many devices are BOTH switchers AND encoders


  • Important to have clear and understandable audio
  • Strategic microphone placement for speakers, singers, etc
  • Sound mixing for achieving balanced audio


  • Important to have your subject able to be seen
  • Try to elevate the natural lighting in the space
  • Avoid harsh shadows when possible
  • New LED light panels have come down in cost, taking up less space and don’t get hot.

Other Software

  • Software can be used for graphics like lower thirds
  • You can use software like Pro Presentor or PowerPoint for presentations


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