Live Stream 4K with Epiphan Pearl 2

Wondering how to live stream a 4K video production?

epiphan-pearl-2-4kFrom Epiphan Blog The answer is here with Pearl-2 This morning, in a Facebook live stream, we made a huge announcement: we’re launching our new all-in-one live video production system, Pearl-2. Pearl-2 builds on all the things you love about Pearl and gives you the ability to produce, switch and live stream 4K video. That’s right, a full 4K video production workflow! Let’s get straight to some pictures, since that’s always the best part of new product announcements! If you’re familiar with Pearl, the front of Pearl-2 will look pretty familiar to you, but you’re no doubt noticing the sleek, industrial makeover. Like Pearl, Pearl-2 has a touch screen display to control streaming and recording, do simple configuration tasks and acts as both a video monitor and live switching controller. And yes, that nice bright blue opening is exactly what you think it is, a USB 3.0 port for high speed file transfer! Now for the more interesting (in my opinion) photo – the back! Here, there are some major changes since Pearl’s launch a little more than two years ago. I’m really proud to say that we’ve improved or augmented nearly every aspect over Pearl. And each one of these changes are the result of feature requests from customers. Of course, there’s the stuff you can’t see, like the state of the art Intel 6th generation i7 processor, but let’s take a look at the ones we can see...[continue reading]

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