Live Streaming for Today & Tomorrow: The State of Business with Telestream

Host Gary Bettan is joined by Lynn Elliot (Product Manager & Marketing Strategy | Telestream) have a great conversation about the state of live streaming, and just what's coming in the future. Together they answer questions like:

  • Who is live streaming? How has that changed over the last couple of years? How has that changed even more since March?
  • Let’s talk more about specific users… what are you seeing in Houses of Worship? Education? Corporate AV & huddle rooms? ​
  • Has the growth in conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, Teams and Google Meet affected live streaming productions? ​
  • What needs do you think will contribute to the continued growth in live streaming? ​
  • What features have been added to Wirecast 14? ​
  • What do you think about NDI and how that will continue to impact productions? ​
  • And more!

Wirecast 14

Recently, Telestream released a brand new update to their amazing Wirecast software! 

New features include:

  • All new Chroma Key (with Luma Key and Color Key)  ​
  • Better, more reliable incoming video source connections  ​
  • Text and font improvements ​
  • More options when sources get disconnected ​
  • Improved ability to size and scale sources ​
  • Latency and syncing improvements  ​
  • Updated technologies including NDI 4.5 ​
  • Better notifications and stats ​

This is available for both Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro!

This update is also available for their hardware all-in-one solution: The Wirecast Gear. You can learn more about the Wirecast Gear on this webinar here!

Available in: 

Watch the full webinar here!

Learn more about Telestream here!



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