Live Streaming, Recording, and Switching with Epiphan Pearl Play

GM Cusiac from epiphan video wrote an in-depth article on the all-in-one Pearl and Pearl-2

Dynamic live event: All-in-one live streaming, recording, and switching Pearl Play

Running a live event can be daunting. Sure, setting up simple live streaming and recording using Pearl (or Pearl-2) is easy. The two, built-in auto channels makes setup a breeze. But today’s audiences want quality programming. So let’s turn a simple production into a dynamic live event including live switching between multiple video sources and fully-customized layouts.

Pearl All in one
This second installment in the Pearl Play series is about taking your live event to the next level. Turn it in to a dynamic live event using Pearl (or Pearl-2) as your all-in-one live streaming, recording, and switching solution.
One touch control of recording and streaming can be done from the touch screen on Pearl, a laptop using the admin panel, or using Epiphan Live. Pearl actually has a number of different recording options, like saving your recordings to the solid state hard-drive on Pearl or to a network server. There are even options to set up automatic file transfers to a local USB drive or networked storage, if that fits your workflow. Great for back ups! Plus you can record each of your isolated (ISO) video channels separately at the same time you record your streaming channel.

Program with live switching

What will make your event a more engaging, dynamic live event for viewers without complicating your setup or hiring a crew? It’s possible to deliver a visually dynamic live production when you use custom layouts with Pearl, even if you have only two video sources. For example, two static cameras set up at opposite ends of a sports arena, or maybe you have just one camera to capture a keynote speaker projecting their presentation slides from a laptop.Pearl All in one

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