Live Streaming Virtual Meetings & Events to Grow your Business & Brand

Live video is a great solution to many of the hurdles businesses are facing during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. It can mean the difference between close communication with customers and employees, and losing communication entirely.

However, many businesses are not set up to participate in live streaming or satellite meetings. Luckily, numerous voices online have been speaking out to publish guides on how to keep your remote communication running. recently posted a great interview with Paul Richards- the Chief Streaming Officer at StreamGeeks and PTZOptics.

In the interview, Paul Richards gave some insight on how streaming can effect your business.

And it’s not just about Likes and Shares. It’s about how building your brand around the idea of being helpful will actually increase your sales in a big way.

Check Out this Video to Learn how to Transition from In-Person to Live Streaming Virtual Events:

Check out the full article HERE

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE

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