Live Streaming with TeleStream Wirecast or vMix

vMix_WireCast_and_NewTekOur friend Paul Richards over at PTZOptics put together this nice little comparison article doe Conference Room Systems. He talks about and compares some of the features and performance of TeleStream Wirecast vs. vMix.
CRS by Paul Richards

Live Streaming: TeleStream Wirecast vs. vMix

Live streaming is the next big thing in production. It not only excites YouTube producers and Twitch gamers but also news channels and event managers. All big events are now live streamed to billions of users worldwide. It has become part of the ever growing network on the internet and continues to grow by a massive percent every year. There are plenty of reasons to offer live streaming instead of live broadcasts. One major reason is cost, while live broadcasts cost millions to news channels, live streaming can reduce that cost to signifigantly allowing everyone from small schools, to small businesses and home users to get involved. Secondly, live broadcasts are limited in terms of viewership because news channels have limited coverage worldwide. On the other hand, live streams are open to every internet user in the world. This expands the viewership by a great margin. Wirecast and vMix are two production softwares which are widely used for live streaming. Both offer a comprehensive set of features and ease of managing broadcast with the comfort of your computer table. Both softwares also have their own set of unique attributes that distinguishes them from each other. read more...

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