Live streaming your EasyWorship schedule with Webcaster X2

Epiphan Webcaster X2 is an easy way to live stream your worship services and events. It’s easier than you think to live stream your EasyWorship schedule to YouTube and Facebook. In fact, you can stream any live-produced worship or broadcast program with Webcaster X2. webcaster x2 These days, many churches are looking for new ways to connect with their congregation. Whether you want to reach your existing members, grow your church, or simply modernize, live streaming to Facebook or YouTube can be the answer. For more information on choosing where to live stream, see our blog post or related infographic. Last year at WFX (Worship Facilities Expo), I met with members of the EasyWorship team. They have a really great product for creating visual worship presentations that are displayed by projectors or TVs in a church. At the time, we hadn’t released our Webcaster product, so I couldn’t discuss it with them, but I knew immediately that it was the perfect companion to their solution. Using software like EasyWorship, many churches and houses of worship have beautiful visual presentations shown locally, but lack a simple way to get this out to the Internet. Your live streaming goals may be to share your normal Sunday service with congregants who are unable to come to the church. Or they may be to build and share extra material such as follow-up sermon notes, Bible studies, youth productions, and prayer requests or news with church members outside normal celebration hours. Regardless of your reason for live streaming, the key to success is a simple workflow. This is where Webcaster X2 comes in. Let’s take a look at how it works. First, build your program in EasyWorship, or other software. EasyWorship 6 software lets users build custom visual presentations called “schedules” for their worship service. Included in a schedule are presentations, scripture, songs, and video. I created and live streamed a quick test video using a combination of features available in the EasyWorship demo asset bundle. It was very straightforward to put together my presentation slides, then add scripture and music to my schedule. With a simple drag and drop, I added templates that automatically configured my output and made everything very beautiful. Click here to read full article on Epiphan

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