Livestream announces Studio HD500 all-in-one video switcher, ships October 15th for $8,500

engadget by Edgar Alvarez

Earlier this year, Livestream quietly entered the hardware business with a real-time streaming puck known as the Broadcaster -- an adequate moniker, to say the least. Now, some five months after that camera add-on made its intriguing debut, Livestream's introducing the Studio HD500, an all-in-one video production switcher aimed at both hobbyists and pros. Most notable, however, is the fact the company's entering this fresh market in good pricing fashion, given the Studio HD500's appealing tag of $8,500 -- which may still seem like a hefty amount, but ends up feeling light when compared to other similar tools that start off at a cool $15-$20k, such as, say, one of NewTek's TriCaster offerings. At any rate, those near $9,000 for the Studio HD500 will get you a switcher loaded with live audio / multi-camera mixing capabilities, a built-in DVR and media player, one-click live streaming to the outfit's own platform, plus a handful of inputs and outputs -- including HD / SD, SDI, S-Video and HDMI. It's also worth noting the Studio HD500 isn't fully attached to Livestream's site by any means, making it possible to use with other competing sites such as YouTube, Ustream and many more.

While kindly speaking to us, Livestream's CEO Max Haot said, "Our goal is to get multi-camera switching equipment into as many hands as possible," adding that the "key is to make it easier and more cost effective." The Studio HD500 is available for pre-order today and set to start shipping on October 15th -- which could be around the same time the free-of-charge, software-based variant makes an appearance, though all we know about that so far is it'll be coming at some point "later this year." In the meantime, there's a couple of extra pics for your viewing pleasure down below, and the detailed presser from Livestream right after the break. read more...

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