Livestreaming Your Worship Services Takes Preparation and Planning

We help a lot of churches and Houses of Worship with their production needs. The following article is a great place to start if you are in the very early stages of planning for live streaming your events. As you gradually realize all the components you'll need for the kind of productions you want to produce, you'll also start to see how to estimate and plan for your budget. There are lots of moving parts, but we've got solutions for many streaming scenarios, so don't get discouraged! From Worship Tech Director

livestreaming church production....Over the last few months, a number of amazing products have been announced and released to help ease the technical difficulty in streaming for those working in houses of worship. These include products from NewTek, Blackmagic Design with their ATEM HD switcher, Sling Studio from DISH Networks, and vMix Production Studio.

With the recent announcement of Network Device Interface technology, or NDI, from NewTek, the products that take advantage of that standard are poised to gain market share quickly. NDI has been around for many years, and it initially was more commonly referred to as IP Video.

This new standard is greatly enhanced, and has the capability for high-quality video that is 1080p, and up to 60 frames per second.

Products are being announced monthly that cater to the NDI market, such as Tally Lights and HDMI/SDI converters. The unique thing about NDI is the open protocol for third-party companies to develop within the architecture. Imagine being able to pull up any video source on any screen throughout your building, using just an Intel Compute Stick for $150 and the free NewTek application....[continue reading]

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