LiveU: 5G, IP and Cloud Driving Sports Production in 2024

The blog post "Cloud, IP, and 5G: Three themes shaping live sports production in 2024 according to LiveU" by SVG News explores the evolving landscape of live sports production and broadcasting, highlighting three pivotal themes that are influencing the industry. As the sector grapples with challenges stemming from shifting viewer preferences, economic uncertainty, and societal expectations, it finds itself at the intersection of advancements in cloud-based workflows, IP video transmission technologies, and the widespread implementation of 5G.

One major focus is on catering to younger audiences who gravitate towards platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The demand for short-form, readily accessible content has prompted sports rights owners and broadcasters to adopt innovative approaches. Examples include Paris Saint Germain (PSG), Free Ligue 1, and the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), all of whom are leveraging cloud-native live video production solutions and IP bonding to engage global audiences with diverse, language-specific content.

Cost efficiency is another critical aspect discussed in the post. It challenges the notion that cutting costs must entail compromising on quality. The European League of Football (ELF), for instance, employs affordable IP video solutions for full cloud production, streaming multiple live games on its digital platform. Premium sports rights owners, such as Sky Deutschland, are exploring technologies like 5G and IP bonding to balance budgetary constraints while maintaining high production standards.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards emerge as a third key theme. The post underscores the changing perception of ESG compliance, shifting from a checkbox exercise to a crucial aspect of industry practices. Examples, such as Eurovision Sport's Proof of Concept at the International Ski Mountaineering Federation World Cup Finals, demonstrate the industry's commitment to sustainable production solutions, even in remote locations.

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, the post concludes by posing three fundamental questions that will shape the industry's strategies: How to adapt to younger audience preferences and control costs? How to leverage innovation for greater cost efficiency? And, how to meet rising ESG standards? Proactively addressing these themes is deemed essential for ensuring the continued success and longevity of live sports production and broadcasting.

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