LiveU Announces New Solo Portal

solo_portalLiveU has recently made improvements in their Solo Portal for LiveU Solo users. The LiveU Solo premium video encoder already makes live streaming in remote areas easy and fun and now with the new Solo Portal it's even easier. Users now can manage their LRT services and even purchase the LRT cloud server if they don't currently have it. Also, users can find new and easier integrations to some of the most popular streaming services and CDN's. For any LiveU Solo user, the new Solo Portal will give you even more confidence in your production. And for those who have been interested in adding the LiveU Solo into their workflow, there's never been a better time to get started.

Announcing the New Solo Portal!
We are pleased to share the latest additions to our latest Solo Portal including the ability to manage your LRT subscription! This includes being able to subscribe, renew, and manage your billing and account information all in one place.

If you have an LRT subscription:
You will be able to manage all your services and account information by using the top right drop down menu. Once your subscription expires, you will need to re-enter your billing information into this new system. After that, you can simply turn on and off service on a monthly basis or purchase for a discounted yearly rate.

If you do not have an LRT subscription:
If you don't have LRT, you will see an option to buy it in the Status box. Once purchased, you can choose to stop at any time and also purchase it again should you ever need. You can also purchase a year of service at a discounted rate.

What else is in this update?
There is now a direct integration with Vimeo, Mixer, and Go Easy Live. This means no more custom RTMP to these sites, you can now log in from the Solo portal and set up your stream there.

*Once again, this will not change the way you sell, redeem or renew the annual LRT bundle to your customers. You will go through the same order process and once the order is placed, we will now send you an electronic code to send directly to your customer. This code will give the customer 1 year of LRT service*

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