LiveU Brings Remote Sports Production with Reach

Read how LiveU technology makes remote sports broadcasting a possibility for this UK-based company. No more need for expensive equipment trucks and staff for event production. The wireless innovations that LiveU products provide cut costs and improve efficiency. Read on for more insights: From Kitplus

It’s not often that improvements in technology make something not only easier to accomplish, but less expensive too. However, that’s precisely the case with the low-latency digital-transmission solutions now available to sport and media organisations looking to produce and broadcast more live events from remote locations.

“Until now, a satellite truck, on-site production equipment and a host of skilled people were needed to broadcast live events,” says Malcolm Harland, Managing Director of UK-based digital solutions provider Garland. “Connectivity limitations and the delay in delivering live video globally meant that the final produced programme needed to be done at the event location before being broadcast for onward delivery to the home site.

“But that’s all now changed with technological innovations such as wireless transmission over multiple global 4G cellular networks and ultra-low latency delivery. Now, if you want to showcase an event far from your home base, technology within reach financially is making it easier, with less equipment and fewer people needed onsite.....[continue reading]

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