LiveU LU600 with Store & Forward Lowers Production Costs for Auburn

The Challenge
Producing content on the road is no easy task for any college athletics program with a lean staff and budget. For Auburn University, the mounting costs associated with sending large production crews onsite and the timeliness of getting content back to the home studio proved problematic. Adding LiveU to the crew’s toolkit changed the content game for the school.

The Solution
Using two LiveU LU600 portable transmission units with the Store and Forward feature, camera operators have the flexibility to either stream live content directly back to the studio or send a video file back to the studio for the weekly ESPN-branded show.

Auburn University is also an avid user of LiveU’s Smart App. The production crew uses the app to get shots from the student section at games and incorporate those shots into their high-end broadcast productions. They also use it for other campus events such as the school’s speaker series.

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