LiveU Solo Case Study: Streaming the 2018 Super Moon

Live streaming on-the-go can pose many challenges. Getting the right equipment that works to stream consistently and in the highest quality is key in pursuing this endeavor. Adding a piece of equipment like the LiveU Solo fixes a lot of problems if your production is remote from a quality internet source. Using the bonding technology the LiveU Solo provides along with two cellular modems, you can stream in HD to anywhere anytime. Paul Richards from StreamGeeks took a LiveU Solo out and with other pieces of equipment did a live production of space. Yes, that space- the final frontier.

First impressions on the LiveU Solo… It’s a game changer and you have to use to it understand… LiveU was nice enough to send me a LiveU Solo to play around with and I have to say I didn’t see the need. Seeing as I have a fully built-out, brand new video production studio… But there is such a need in today’s live streaming market to break out from the traditional/comfortable live streaming location and get outdoors.

So, I took the LiveU Solo out for a test drive, twice and I learned a few things. First of all, the device is rock solid and provides a high quality and most important reliable connection between your HDMI video/audio source and your CDN (Content Delivery Network). I decided to live stream to our Facebook page and in the coming week’s I am interested to do more live streaming directly to our Facebook Group pages with totally mobile, yet incredibly high-quality video production. This is the kind of stuff you simply can’t do with your cell phone. But, let me tell you about live streaming space…[continue reading]

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