LiveU Solo Lets You Stream in Real Time

LiveU Solo makes live streaming reliable and easy. Designed to fit seamlessly with web streaming workflows, LiveU Solo connects automatically to Facebook, Wowza Streaming Cloud, as well as other popular CDNs, OVPs and YouTube Live. Solo can be managed and controlled remotely via a web interface or smartphone. On the transmission side, and as part of the overall streaming solution, this small, easy-to-use encoder includes full bonding capabilities. Read more about this device here: From

...The Solo can be connected to any camera with both SDI or HDMI options so users can stream live video. Many deter to their cell phones to stream live via a social media site or app, but the Solo’s HD quality surpasses what most mobile devices are capable of.

It connects two cellular modems with Wi-Fi and LAN and mashes them together to create one strong connection. It supports one-touch integration with Facebook Live, YouTube and other social platforms, according to the company’s website. Plus, it incorporates LRT, which is a unique transmission method that promises top-notch live streaming.

“Solo uses the same technology major television broadcasters use today – LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT) – LiveU’s proven bonding technology. This patented technology and transport protocol is optimized for video performance and delivers rock-solid video streams,” the company’s website said....[continue reading]

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