LiveU Solo is On The Sports Shooter's "Bucket List"

Who doesn't love a bucket list? If you're into sports production and are curious about the latest live production gear, you'll want to check out this article reposted from 4Khub....They've put together some of their favorite portable gear and the LiveU Solo video encoder is on the list. If you haven't heard, the LiveU Solo made our Top Products list recently. Check out our video clip and find out why we love it. Here's why it is on The Sports Shooter's bucket list: From

....Hey, if you aren’t keeping up now is the time to do it! LiveU is leading the way in providing products to help high school, colleges, and the pros get the game home to the dedicated fans who want to watch the game, but just can’t be there. I know as a parent of a college athlete how much it means to see the game!

Consisting of the LiveU Solo and a full-year's subscription to LiveU's LRT Cloud Services, you can easily broadcast straight from an SDI/HDMI source to a large variety of content delivery networks like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Wowza, Ustream, and more using bonded connectivity over dual cellular networks (requires separately available modems), Wi-Fi, or Ethernet. This plug-and-play functionality, combined with the power of LiveU's Reliable Transport protocol (LRT), enables a simple setup for high-quality streaming video with versatile distribution options, as well as stable transmission even when operating in remote locations....[continue reading]

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