Logical Increments Updated Guide to Building the Best PC for Video Editing

Logical Increments has written a great guide to building a great PC for video editing.

How to Build the Best PC for Video Editing

Work with video editing, visual effects, and animation requires a high-performing PC to keep things running smoothly and avoid wasting precious time waiting for projects to render and encode. That’s why it’s important to build a computer that will efficiently handle these tasks, which are some of the most hardware-intensive processes the average PC user will perform.

This guide provides all the information you need to build a video editing PC that will be powerful enough to handle your workload -- without wasting money on extraneous features you don’t need. Building your own editing PC instead of buying one pre-built means you’ll get the exact performance you require without breaking the bank. First, we’ll explain which components are most important for creative work, and how to get the most out of your new workstation.

Section 1: Example Video Editing Builds

The following five example video editing builds provide the maximum amount of power for the price. (See Section 2 for a detailed explanation of why we chose the parts.)

Note: When building a new PC, you’ll need to install an operating system. For video editing PCs, we recommend using Windows. Some people are eligible to get Windows free through school or work, so you may also look into that.

Note #2: This guide is primarily intended for building a PC to handle popular video editing programs such as Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. If you are planning to use DaVinci Resolve, we have included a separate graphics card recommendation, as Resolve takes much greater advantage of graphics processing units. See our section on Resolve for more information about its specific hardware requirements.

Budget Video Editing PC ($750)

Capable of professional and amateur video editing work at 1080p resolution. CPU: Intel i5-7500 Graphics Card: GTX 1050 Motherboard: ASRock H270M Pro4 RAM: 8 GB DDR4 Storage 1: Crucial MX300 275GB SSD Storage 2: Seagate 1 TB hard drive Power Supply: EVGA 500 B CPU Cooler: Cryorig M9i Case: Corsair Carbide 200R Operating System: Windows 10

This build is for video editors who want a very capable PC for editing high-quality 1080p video on a relative budget. For the price, this build boasts a very powerful CPU and a fast, affordable SSD. You could squeeze out even greater performance by upgrading to 16 GB of RAM, but that is not totally necessary for a build at this price.

Budget Mini-ITX Alternative

For a Mini-ITX version, replace the motherboard, CPU cooler, and case with the following:

Motherboard: ASRock H270M-ITX/ac CPU Cooler: Arctic Freezer 11 LP Case: SilverStone Tek SG13B-Q

Budget GPU Alternative for DaVinci Resolve

GPU: RX 480 4GB

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