Long Term Impressions of the Excellent RED KOMODO

The RED Komodo is one of the most popular new cameras from RED Digital Cinema. The camera is decently new but has been available now for many cinematographers and professionals to use it in the field and create well thought out impressions of it.

It's worth noting that Videoguys does not sell any RED Digital Cinema products, but they are an industry main stay, and anybody keeping up with the world of cinematography and production should be well versed in their part of the landscape.  

Recently, redsharknews.com posted a great review of the Red Komodo after having it in their arsenal for multiple shoots. And the review is overwhelmingly positive.  

One of the big advantages of the Komodo is that it keeps your rig small, compact, and most of all portable.  Redsharknews.com paired their Komodo with a Wing Grip, a Kondor Blue top plate, and a SmallHD Focus OLED monitor.  

They also found that the most used functions like aperture, ISO, shutter, audio levels, histogram and more, are all accessible on the Komodo's top screen which is easily viewable and accessible even while shooting with an external monitor mount.  

The menu system is also easy to navigate, and buttons can even be customized.  The screen can also be locked by holding down the up and down buttons, to prevent from accidental changes while filming is taking place. 

RED has also improved their boot time in this camera, and has added dual fans, however these fans are whisper quiet. 

To learn more about the RED Komodo, check out the full Redsharknews.com article, HERE.

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