LumaForge Offering Support for Shared Projects in Adobe Premiere - Randi Altman's postPerspective

Shared storage has become one of the most sought after resources in media today. Whether it's a cloud server or a remote server having the ability and flexibility to simultaneously work on projects with numerous colleagues in various roles is a nice advantage for companies to employ. LumaForge has collaborated with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and created a working shared storage implementing LumaForge's Jellyfish or ShareStation servers. Working towards managing the vast amount of data, this collaboration also improves the load time of projects. Now once a clip is loaded in once, it's there for anyone else to use even if they're working on it in a different capacity. Once again we're seeing different companies working together to improve media professionals' ability to get projects done.

Project locking allows multiple users to work with the same content. In a narrative workflow, an editing team can divide their film into shared projects per reel or scene. An assistant editor can get to work synchronizing and logging one scene, while the editor begins assembling another. Once the assistant editor is finished with their scene, the editor can refresh their copy of the scene’s Shared Project and immediately see the changes.

An added benefit of using Shared Projects on productions with large amounts of footage is the significantly reduced load time of master projects. When a master project is broken into multiple shared project bins, footage from those shared projects is only loaded once that shared project is opened....[continue reading]

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