Macbook Pro Retina Alternatives

by Tej Babra

Last week Apple released the all new Macbook Pro Retina, with a gorgeous new screen the latest generation of Intel processors via Ivy Bridge, and a flash drive. Gone are Ethernet ports, Firewire, and DVD Drive. The machine does look pretty sleek. But with the lack of ports and higher entry price of $2199.00 US, this got me thinking what other alternates are there to the new Macbook Pro Retina?

Well first of there is the obvious, a Macbook Pro without Retina. You still get all the great features from Intel Ivy Bridge, and the new Nividia GT650M for graphics. But instead of a Retina display, you will have to make due with the standard screen and a physical hard drive. This option alone saves you few hundred dollars plus gives you back the Ethernet port, Firewire, and DVD drive. If you really want to have a flash drive you could always remove the optical drive, and install one yourself. Although the price then quickly jumps to something very similar of the Macbook Pro Retina.

Asus G75

Asus has been making wonderful PC products for some time. I even own one of their laptops, but recently Asus refreshed their gaming laptops to incredible specs that could even run Adobe CS6 . The Asus G75 can be configured with some impressive features that can compete with the Macbook Pro Retina. read more...

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