Magic Bullet Editors Version 2

DV Mag Reviewed by Jim McSilver magic bulletFilm Look Plug-In It's hardly news that recent developments in digital cinematography allow low-budget filmmakers to shoot video with a widescreen, cinematic look. Cameras with 24p enable film cadence and smooth progressive images. However, although many cameras offer cinematic gamma curves, the camera's controls are limited and usually shooters have little time in the field to readjust for each new shot. This is where products like Magic Bullet Editors come in. It's a plug-in that works inside NLEs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Sony Vegas—and now within Apple Motion as well. Magic Bullet Editors allows users to stay within their existing timelines and tweak each shot to produce a more cinematic look. It works with all of the formats and codecs that these NLEs support, from DV and SD to HDV and HD. Magic Bullet Editors is an excellent tool for quickly giving your images an interesting or filmic look. read more...

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