Magic Bullet Suite 12

prolost by Stu Maschwitz

I believe that color correction is an essential part of filmmaking that can increase production value, elevate a consumer camera to a cinematographer?s tool, and communicate a filmmaker?s emotional intent.

I believe this kind of color work can be both massively powerful, and yet still be non-technical and fun.

I believe this powerful, creative color work should be integrated into the filmmaking process. It should be available to filmmakers on limited budgets, and editors with clients who never seem able to lock the cut, or move a deadline.

This is why we made Magic Bullet. And these beliefs have never been more a reality than with Magic Bullet Suite 12.

All New Magic Bullet Looks

We completely redesigned the interface for Magic Bullet Looks 3.0, and I personally created 198 all-new presets, built with brand new tools like the Colorista Tool, the 4-Way Color Corrector, and the powerful Shadows/Highlights tool. These new presets reflect modern film sensibilities and techniques, and look great on footage from any camera, thanks to a new Color Space tool. read more...

Introducing Red Giant
Magic Bullet Suite 12

available now at

Color correction, finishing
and film looks for filmmakers

Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, powerful color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.

This complete suite includes almost $1,200 in software for just...

Upgrade to Magic Bullet Suite 12 from any previous version of Magic Bullet Suite or Color Suite for only $189.00

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