Magic Bullet Suite 2007

Ken Stone's FCP Review by Steve Douglas Magic Bullet Don't let that $799.00 scare you off before you read this. In the new Magic Bullet Suite you are actually getting four separate applications which can be used in Final Cut Pro, Motion 3, Adobe After Effects, or all three. Magic Bullet Looks, MB Frames, MB Colorista and Instant HD make up the entire suite. Each application can be bought separately, but if you don't have any of them, then I would certainly consider purchasing the suite in its' entirety. The first of the four is Red Giant's Instant HD which I reviewed here June, 2006 and sells for $99.00 as an individual application. I have not gone back to Instant HD for the purpose of this review but it did its job very well up-converting Standard Definition footage to HD. I do wish that it were a bit easier to utilize as it takes some time to do the conversion, but once completed, the results were excellent. The Magic Bullet Colorista version 1.0 sells for $199.00, as does the Magic Bullet Frames version 1.0. And then there is the star of the suite, Magic Bullet Looks that may be purchased for $399.00 separately. Most of us have seen interesting upgrades from time to time. Usually they include some different features or improve its efficiency. Rarely do you come across as complete a makeover of an application, as I am witness to with the Magic Bullet Looks. Magic Bullet Looks helps you create a look that will define the mood of your sequence. It is the 3rd generation of Magic Bullet and replaces both Magic Bullet Editors and Looks Suite functionality from Magic Bullet Suite. In the previous version, while many looks were offered, they were difficult to adjust and impossible for the Final Cut Pro user to share a project with an After Effects editor. Once a Magic Bullet Looks filter is applied one clicks on the edit button found in the filters tab in Final Cut Pro or the effects Controls in After Effects. This brings up the Looks Builder window where different looks can be viewed, adjusted and applied. There are 6 parts to the Looks Builder interface which is intuitive and easy to navigate and use. read more...

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