Magic Bullet Suite’s MisFire and Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium

HDVideoPro by Clint Milby

How To Make Your Video Look Old…But Not Tired

The Unsung Hero of Magic Bullet Suite 11
I say unsung, because there’s not any mention of it being part of the Magic Bullet Suite. Once I loaded the Suite and opened it up for the first time in Premiere Pro CS5.5 — there it was. I went back to the RedGiant website and searched and found just a small amount of information on their blog.

Aharon Rabinowitz has written a good warm up about MisFire, along with some information about similar programs. Looking at the plug-in, I’ve used Premiere Pro to apply it to a short film I’ve I shot of the Access 59 Car Show using the iPhone4.

Misfire is a plug-in that lets you transcend your footage from new to old. You’ve seen this effect, it’s everywhere it seems. It’s even a standard preset for many consumer cameras.

With most of these, a preset filter is applied that usually throws in some grain and scratches and desaturates the image. The issue with this for pro applications is that you’re stuck with the effect, making sure your project will look just like every other piece that uses this effect.

You’re In Control
With Magic Bullet Misfire, you have complete control over all of the aspects that go into creating the old film look. There are 14 different plug-ins that make up the MisFire plug-in, and you can add, remove and tweak them to your liking using key frames in either Premiere Pro or After Effects CS5.5 or other NLE. read more...

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