Magix Vegas Pro Workflows for Creating Sophisticated Multicam Productions

If you are new to multi-camera production or want some tips to upscale your VEGAS PRO workflow, this article is a great starting place. Looking for VEGAS PRO software? Videoguys has you covered: here.

With that basic understanding of takes, we can talk about how VEGAS leverages takes to make it easy for you to edit a multicam project. I’ll limit this discussion to four cameras since that’s what VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Platinum supports (for all practical purposes, VEGAS Pro supports an unlimited number of cameras) and four illustrates the workflow nicely. I’ll take you through the process of adding four camera clips to your timeline, combining them into a single multicam clip event, calling your camera shots in real time, and editing your cuts and calls after the fact to get exactly the edit you want.

The only thing I’ll say about the process before you get to VEGAS is that to make your life easier, you should create noticeable synchronization points in your video. Record audio to each camera (whether you intend to use it in the final video or not) and include something like a visible and audible clapboard on each camera at the same time. If you don’t have a clapboard, have someone clap their hands in view of each camera.

When you’re ready to edit the footage from the four cameras, add the media from each to separate tracks in your timeline. It helps to name your tracks with something descriptive so you can easily identify it by name later, so double-click the scribble strip for each track and enter a name as shown in Figure 1...[continue reading]

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