Making a Case for Thunderbolt 3

The benefits of Thunderbolt 3 are clear in this article from G-Technology. While USB appeals to the masses, Thunderbolt 3's speed factor is significant for video professionals. Read on for more about what makes Thunderbolt 3 great. And take a look a our new Top 10 guide to G-Technology Storage Solutions for Thunderbolt 3 technology.

Will Third-Gen Thunderbolt Be the Charm?

Making a Case for Thunderbolt 3Ask any presidential hopeful: Being the best choice in a race is no guarantee of getting elected. Moreover, what’s “best” for one group may not be desired by another. Progressives always face a battle to budge the status quo. Creative professionals see this same struggle play out with their storage interfaces. How long did it take for FireWire to ebb as the connection of choice, even with faster options available? The now-laggardly USB 2.0 remains in broad use because it is deployed practically everywhere and on everything from editing workstations to five-year-old smartphones. When Apple released its first Thunderbolt-enabled systems in 2011, PCs were in no hurry to follow, despite Intel having spearheaded the technology. A few solution manufacturers, including G-Technology, recognized that the Thunderbolt interface was the obvious choice for high-speed, flexible storage in the coming years, but nudging the market away from FireWire and USB was no easy feat. Heck, it’s still an uphill march. A lot of people weighed USB 3.0 against first-generation Thunderbolt connectors and decided that the extra dollars for Thunderbolt products weren’t necessary. Back in 2011-2012, this might have been a reasonable conclusion for non-professionals, and it was further reinforced by the arrival of USB 3.0 in 2013 at 10 Gbit/sec – the same speed as first-generation the Thunderbolt interface...[continue reading]
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