Making films with HD DSLR cameras: Highlights of a special LIVA panel discussion held on May 11, 2010 in Long Island, NY

By Judah S. Harris

HD DSLR cameras are an exciting new tool for photographers and videographers. As with so many technical or professional tools, there's usually some learning curve involved - not to mention a mental adjustment of our thinking and creative style. (Remember how we responded when digital photography first arrived on the scene? There were “yeas and nays,” and a range of opinions in the middle.)

I attended a LIVA event (that's the Long Island Videographers Association and they meet monthly at the LI Marriott in Uniondale) on a Tuesday evening in May that was completely devoted to HD DSLR cameras and decided that I'd share a brief, but hopefully helpful, summary with my videographer and photographer friends, so they can partake in some of what was covered. A lot of us want to know a lot more about these digital still cameras that can shoot video in addition to stills and that offer video footage that is different, and even more preferred in some ways, than traditional video camera footage. Even though I'm a writer, in addition to being a photographer and involved in film projects, I'm not a big note taker, but I did so at this event in order to remember names, products, and HD DSLR camera tips that were shared by the panelists and certain audience members. I hope to use this new information and am glad to pass it along to others. Photographers and videographers become better at their craft when they share information. The same is true with other fields. Let’s leave secretiveness for the cola manufactures or other products where ingredients and techniques need to be highly safeguarded and where competition is ruthless (but don't dare bid on a job I'm bidding on!).

LIVA meets monthly and this evening started with some networking time, a chance to buy raffle tickets for some nice door prizes (I didn't win, but the money - a modest $10 in my case - supports LIVA activities), and then the program began shortly before 8:00 with a panel discussion - three videographers and a Canon representative. Canon has a few models that offer serious HD video: 1D, 5D, and 7D, and the lower priced T2i. read more...

Videoguys is a proud LIVA sponsor!

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