Making Movies: The New Era of Digital Post-Production

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In the movie industry where “time is money”, technology is being developed and deployed rapidly in order to capitalize on creative opportunities, and to shorten time-to-market for these productions. In my last post, I gave an overview of how RED Digital Cinema is innovating with 4K and 5K motion picture technology, including how Windows PCs are playing a strategic role in the end-to-end workflow during post production. In this post I’ll start a “guided tour” highlighting some of the latest post-production hardware and software tools that are used in Hollywood productions.

While on my recent visit to RED Studios Hollywood, I had the opportunity to attend the “2012 Film Technology Summit”. At this event I listened to a panel discussion entitled “The State of Film Production in the Digital Age”. Listening to this discussion helped me understand how technology is being used in today’s cutting edge cinema productions. At a high level big film productions are using technology to push the boundaries of creativity, enhance storytelling, and maximize motion picture image quality. There’s another trend that’s clear as well: large volumes of data, specialized hardware and software tools, and massive deployments of technological resources. Because of all this, IT in general is becoming a much more important part of how these productions are executed.

During this panel discussion, Ted Schilowitz (RED Digital Cinema co-founder) explained:

“The people that everyone used to make fun of… the AV squad that went into the IT industry… those people now have the coolest jobs on the planet. The entire infrastructure of motion picture creation and acquisition is now one big IT project. These individuals represent the new best of breed of technology and are driving our industry.” read more...

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