Making the Switch from FCP7 to Avid MC6

Cut.N.Color on PVC by Steve Hullfish

FCP to MC6 Thesaurus
With so many people looking for an NLE to replace FCP7, it’s natural that people are turning to Avid.

I’ve moved between editing systems often, and I can relate to the apprehension and frustration of moving to a new NLE. I often describe this process like learning a new language: you already know how to communicate, but now you need to do it with new words and new grammar.

To help with the process, I’ve created an FCP to MC dictionary. Well, it’s really more of a wordy, technical thesaurus.

To start, let’s translate the commands on the FCP keyboard. I could start with the F1 key in the top left and work down to the “?” key at the bottom right, but instead we’ll go through them in rough order of importance.

If you want to edit, you’ve got to be able to play your footage and mark ins and outs. Luckily, FCP and Avid see eye to eye on this, so the JKL keys on Avid and FCP work identically. Double or triple tap the J or L keys for double and triple speed playback (J for backwards, L for forwards). Similarly, the FCP and Media Composer functionality for the space bar is to toggle between play and pause. read more...

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