Mark Cuban on HDTV, DVD, Hard Drives and the future

Blog Maverick From Blog Maverick, the Mark Cuban weblog Many of you know him as the charismatic and outspoken dotcomm tycoon who sold his company to Microsoft and pruchased the Dallas Mavericks. Back in the day was one of our biggest customers. We supplied them with Medea VideoRAID storage for all their content. Mark has caught the HD bug, and his new venture HDNet aims to become one of the leading HD content providers in the country. I love looking for ways to screw up conventional wisdom. Right now in the entertainment world, the conventional wisdom is that both sides on the HD DVD vs Blue Ray DVD will battle it out and a standard for HD on DVD will emerge. No one is trying to rush to a compromise because the big media companies want to squeeze as much money as they possibly can out the current DVD business cycle. Good. The longer it takes, the less chance any format of DVD has of having a place in the future of home entertainment. Don’t look now, but the price and size of hard drives have fallen like a rock, while capacities have soared, with no slowdown in site. Which leads to the question — What is the best way to distribute content? DVDs which will be limited in capacity to 9.4gbs on a single DVD for another year, and then after that 50gbs on a single disk for years to come after that, or rewritable media that can hold 2gb already in a device half the size of a pen, or in a hard drive that can hold 200GBs plus in a drive the size of your cell phone? Click here for Mark's article on Blog Maverick

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