Marshall Electronics CV500 POV Camera Fills a Niche for Churches

Find out why a POV camera is an asset for church production. This tiny POV camera from Marshall offers numerous advantages - lightweight, easy to handle, great for streaming and solid picture quality .

Review: Marshall Electronics CV500 HD-SDI POV Video Camera

from Churchproduction blog by Jim Kumorek Marshall Electronics CV500 POV CameraCompared to the GoPro, this new POV camera from Marshall offers numerous advantages --- not the least of which is its size. It's a 1.5 inch cube. It’s becoming more common to hear of churches using GoPro-style POV cameras for getting close-up shots of musicians for IMAG and streaming purposes. They are unobtrusive, and can capture angles that a roving camera operator couldn’t get without becoming a distraction. While an interesting idea, the GoPro isn’t really designed for this purpose. A USB power supply needs to be connected, the connection to the power supply is not convenient when the camera is mounted, and the GoPro outputs HDMI—not the greatest signal source for a broadcast situation where the switcher may be hundreds of feet from the camera. Marshall Electronics also thinks a POV camera can be a great asset, and the company proceeded to design three POV cameras: the CV350, CV342, and CV500. We’re taking a look at the CV500.


The Marshall CV500 is a tiny camera with a fixed lens designed to interface with professional video systems. The camera has two video output BNC connections on the back of the camera: one for HD-SDI, and one for CVBS. . . [continue reading]

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