Marshall Electronics V-LCD50-HDMI Portable Field Monitor Reviewed

Videomaker by Mark Holder

If you're looking for a lightweight monitor to grace the top of your new DSLR, check out Marshall's V-LCD50-HDMI. It's feature packed and a good value - just be sure to bring your own HDMI cable.

So, you've got your favorite DSLR ready to go out and shoot your next feature, but you need to get the display up to a more manageable size and in a position better suited to your shooting style. Among the plethora of available options, be sure to check out Marshall Electronics' V-LCD50-HDMI 5" professional camera-top LCD monitor.

Bursting with Features

The LCD50 comes out of the box rather small and unassuming, but then you switch it on and discover that its functionality is vast.

Four user-configurable buttons reside on the front panel. These are to directly access various functions that are assigned using the on-screen menu. Available functions are Ratio, Check Field, Image Flip, Mosquito Filter, Peaking Filter, False Colors, Freeze Input, Aspect Markers, Center Marker, Marker Enable and Pixel-to-Pixel.

Adjacent to these programmable buttons are the menu selection and navigation buttons. Next to these are buttons for adjusting the display's brightness levels, color and contrast.

Menu items include Video Configuration, Marker Configuration, Filter Configuration, System Configuration, Function Presets (this is where you program those four user-configurable buttons on the front panel) and System Information. read more...


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