Marshall’s New HDSLR Monitor

PVC HDSLR Shooter by Clint Milby

While at PhotoCine Expo and DV Expo I got some time to visit with Bernie Keach with Marshall Electronics about their new monitor, the future of HDSLR and why Marshall Monitors have the best reputation in the industry.

This new 5 inch monitor not only has a great image with an excellent viewing angle, but it’s very light and it’s the only monitor I’m aware of that takes AA batteries. Rechargeable propriatary batteries can be a nightmare if you’re on a budget or on long shoot with no power. With Marshall’s LCD50, continuous power is literally as easy as going into any convenience store anywhere in the world. To me, the most impressive thing about this little monitor is it’s huge feature set. If you were to ask me why Marshall monitors are simply the best, I would have to say it’s their feature set. Marshall’s peaking feature can literally save your production and and protect you from soft focus. Other features like false color ensure that what your shooting is exactly what you want. Here’s more about the LCD50 from Marshall:

Marshall Electronics introduces a new addition to its’ popular and well-praised lineup of portable camera-top monitors. This new portable unit is the perfect solution for DSLR and video professionals seeking to capture their best shots. Don’t be fooled by higher screen resolution or sizes. Our picture performance, feature set, customer service, and experience is why the industry’s leading photographers, videographers, and camera operators prefer Marshall over the competition. read more and watch the video

Videoguys now sells Marshall LCD Monitors!!

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