Master the Art of 4K Editing in Avid Media Composer

PVC by Kevin P. McAuliffe

Welcome to a tutorial series dedicated to 4K workflows for the professional editor. We explore how Avid Media Composer makes it easy and affordable to tackle high-res projects while leveraging your current investment in systems, storage, and other infrastructure. Let's dive in with setting up 4K projects.

Lesson 1: Setting Up 4K Projects

4K is all the rage now, whether you're actually editing projects in 4K or not, is another question, but having the tools at your disposal is essential, so when you get that call from your client, you're all set to go!

Now that Avid has implemented 2K, 4K and UHD projects into Avid Media Composer, you know that with its history of rock solid workflow, even if you're cutting your first project, you can edit with the confidence that your final output will be exactly what the client wants. We're going to break down our "Master The Art of 4K Editing" tutorials series into five parts, and by the time we're done, you'll have a good foundation to take a 2K, 4K or UHD project from start to finish.

In this first episode we?re going to talk about setting up your 4K projects and everything you need to know to get started with 4K editing. We?re going to take a look at the new Project Selection window and the New Project window inside Avid Media Composer, then we?ll quickly bring in some 4K footage. Finally, I?ll show you some new bells & whistles of 8.3 as well as some hidden gems you may have missed since version 8.1 was released! read more...

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