Matrox adds optional Thunderbolt connectivity to existing MXO2 family interfaces

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Matrox is the first (and so far, the only) manufacturer of professional audio/video interfaces to offer the possibility of adding Thunderbolt connectivity to any of their existing products which are already in the field. Matrox now offers this capability for any of the MXO2 family of interfaces, which currently include the MXO2 Mini, MXO2 LE, MXO2 (original), and MXO2 Rack. Since almost the beginning of the MXO2 family, all of the interfaces have been available either with (or without) Matrox’s Max option, which performs hardware-based accelerated H.264 encoding from within popular professional video editing and encoding applications, and with a choice of either PCIe or ExpressCard/34 interface to a host computer. As first shown at NAB 2011 and now delivering in September 2011, Thunderbolt is the third available option, allowing connection of any Thunderbolt-capable Mac. This article covers how this works, what it means, and what the upgrade will cost you (or the price of admission if you don’t yet own any MXO2 family interface).

Upgrade price for your existing MXO2 family interface

If you currently own any MXO2 family interface, adding Thunderbolt connectivity to it will run you US$199 for the Matrox Thunderbolt adapter, plus the cost of a Thunderbolt cable (currently available exclusively under the Apple brand for US$49). Once you purchase these two items, you’ll be able to connect your MXO2 family device alternatively between Thunderbolt and whichever you had before (PCIe or ExpressCard/34). If you previously connected via PCIe and have abandoned your tower, you could always sell the PCIe card to someone who currently connects via ExpressCard/34 and wants to add PCIe connectivity (or vice versa), and this will help offset the cost of your Thunderbolt upgrade for your MXO2 family interface. All of these options (ExpressCard/34, PCIe, or Thunderbolt) will connect directly with the original cable which goes to the Host port on your MXO2 device.

Special note about the upgrade price: Back at NAB 2011, Matrox had announced that the adapter would cost US$299, but now on their IBC press release, it is listed as only US$199. read more...

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