Matrox announces more Thunderbolt docks… Let’s try to understand them all!

TecnoTur on PVC by Allan Tepper

Matrox Thunderbolt docks offer convenience in connectivity, but we have to understand the pros and cons of each version.

At IBC, Matrox announced its MXO2 Dock, a Thunderbolt-based accessory that allows users of any MXO2 i/o interface and a Thunderbolt Mac to create what the Canadian company calls “an ideal ergonomic workspace for video editing and content creation”. From a single Thunderbolt connection, users can add multiple peripherals including an HDMI display, keyboard, pointing device, with its gigabit Ethernet port, one USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports. I asked several questions and got answers about the MXO2 Dock and Matrox’s other Thunderbolt docks. The answers are ahead in this article.

The short Matrox spiel about the MXO2 Dock

Wayne Andrews, product manager at Matrox:

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are powerful enough for many Matrox MXO2 users but they can be uncomfortable to use all day in the edit suite.
The new Matrox MXO2 Dock increases productivity by adding screen real estate and brings much-needed expandability for USB 3.0 storage, control surfaces, optical drives, and other peripherals.

Matrox MXO2 Dock will cost US$349/€300/£249 not including local taxes and delivery, and according to the company will be available through a worldwide network of authorized dealers in Q4 2012. But as I learned after asking questions, the MXO2 Dock is not the only Thunderbolt dock offered by Matrox. read more...

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