axio leLast month Matrox officially announced the Axio LE product. We are very excited about it and we think if you are one of our higher end customers you are going to find it a great fit for your edit studio. Axio LE gives you everything you need at a fraction of the original Axio price. Axio & Axio LE fully support the new Adobe Production Studio and delivers realtime DV, HDV, uncompressed SD, uncompressed HD and compressed HD video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. Axio LE also offers additional productivity and performance with Adobe After Effects 7 and Adobe Photoshop CS2. In addition Axio LE will also work with and provide additional power to the Adobe Dynamic Link technology. Basically Matrox took the existing Axio product line and dramatically cost reduced it. The only major difference between the two is that Axio is 10 bit uncompressed while the new Axio LE is 8 bit uncompressed. For many editors the trade off is well worth the $4,995 price. Matrox was able to achieve these cost reductions without sacrificing quality or performance by: 1) Taking electronics out of the breakout box and integrating it into the main board while still delivering professional level I/O. 2) Leveraging the GPU power of any high end graphics card so that it doesn’t need the custom Flex3D card included in Axio 3) Integrating the hardware chipsets to further reduce costs. We hope to get our first shipments of Axio LE early April. We are testing it in our DIY3 dual Xeon machine. We replaced the graphics card with an ATI1800XL and so far the results are fantastic. We are extremely impressed with the HDV & compressed HD quality and realtime performance so far. For more information on Axio LE and to pre-order

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