MATROX Convert DVI PLUS by Byron Campbell

As I sit down to open the Matrox Convert DVI Plus, I must thank MATROX for the opportunity to review this great scan converter. Hi, I’m Byron Campbell and I am part of the HOWireview crew. It is an honor to review this product for the H.O.W. industry as well as the pro video sector.
I received the Matrox Convert DVI Plus just the other day and it was like Christmas. It came to my office and everyone gathered around to see what was in the plain brown box. When I opened the box, this is what we found. The Matrox box was graphically pleasing and inviting us to open the box further. I opened the box up as quickly as I could, thus revealing what came in the box with the Matrox Convert DVI Plus product.

As I opened the box I came across the bright yellow paper that said, “READ ME FIRST”. Do you think that is what I did? You guessed it, I placed it right next to the box and looked to see what else was in the box. It came with the Matrox Convert DVI Plus unit, cables and power supply (with multiple power adapters for all over the world). This is great for me as I do travel around the world and need some easy portable equipment to go with me. Speaking of traveling, the Matrox Convert DVI Plus unit will fit very easily in a backpack, pelican case or other small carry on cases for travel. Sorry for the sidebar there. The cables are great to have. The cables are for DVI and YC-S video connection.
I was looking at the components that came in the box I was wondering where the DVD or the yellow piece of paper. This is very important as most techs don't like to read the manuals or any paper. They want to play with the unit first, then if they get jammed up and can't figure it out, then read the manual. I am one of these people as I think I know everything.The yellow piece of paper told me that I needed to download the software to run the Matrox Convert DVI Plus. At first, I was like that is a bummer now I have to wait for the download. That was short lived as when we created an account, then were directed to the support page of the Matrox website. I saw then that this is a great way to get the latest update for the software. The other idea that hit me was Matrox is being very "Green". They're not adding to the landfill with out of date software DVDs or CDs. Good job Matrox! read more...

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